Lithuanian language courses

'You won’t carry on your shoulders the things you’ve learnt'- says a Lithuanian proverb about knowledge.

So, we offered a great opportunity to learn one of the oldest still spoken languages - Lithuanian. Language learning is a big part of the integration, and it opens a window for career opportunities as well as allows you to make a deep connection with locals. For this reason, our organization IVAIGO offered foreigners and war refugees Lithuanian language courses for free!

The courses for beginners started on the 6th of February, 2023, and took place remotely 2 times a week. Students had an opportunity to learn from the best native teachers and after 4 months of learning, students received a certificate as proof of their attendance. 


Meet our teachers:



'Hi there, I'm a language lover, traveler, and student in linguistics! Learning grammar is an easy task, but understanding the culture is the key to helping you to understand the people. Lithuanian language is considered to be the oldest surviving Indo-European language, isn't that cool? If you want to learn Lithuanian basics and a little bit more join our classes. I promise to share my secret Lithuanian playlist and teach you about our culture in the best way possible!'

'Hi! I would like to introduce myself as a written word lover. Writing and reading are my two biggest passions and the best way to express myself. I am spending most of my time learning languages because it shows me new perspectives on life. I would like to meet you and have an opportunity to exchange our experiences!'