WE CAN (2022-3-BE04-KA210-YOU-000103446)


  1. Cirque et arts en liberté, Belgium (applicant)
  2. Asociacija IVAIGO, Lithuania        
  3. Karadeniz Egitim ve Genclik Dernegi, Turkey


  • Supporting young people with fewer opportunities, especially migrants and refugees, and providing social inclusion through creative arts & creative mediums.
  • Assisting in overcoming inner prejudices and stereotypes related to people with different backgrounds and finding ways to adapt in the youth environment through youth work.
  • Proposing sustainable youth work solutions and equipping participants with new competencies and skills such as self-confidence, creativity, open-mindedness, etc.
  • Prepare teaching videos and the booklet of training plans for youth workers and associated organizations' usage.


  1. Kick-off meeting in Lithuania
  2. Transnational training in Turkey
  3. The final meeting in Belgium
  4. Local training
  5. Dissemination activities

Results and Outputs:

  • Project website with 3 teaching videos (each partner will prepare 1 video)
  • Booklet of 6 training plans on how to teach young people to use creative arts & creative mediums for social inclusion
  • 1 international and 3 local pieces of training


Website of the project: click here

Facebook group of the project: click here


TPM1 in Vilnius, Lithuania