Tool4youth (2021-2-PT02-KA220-YOU-000048125)


  • Omnis Factum Associação, Portugal (applicant)
  • Asociacija IVAIGO, Lithuania        
  • Karadeniz Egitim ve Genclik Dernegi, Turkey     
  • Fundacja EDUVIBES, Poland
  • Bosnian representative association for valuable opportunities, Bosnia And Herzegovina  



  • to increase awareness on what news are fake, and which resources are not trustworthy
  • to create a common consciousness to change the society's habits of believing in everything they hear or read
  • to promote EU funding projects to the wider community.
  • to raise awareness of youth education and its deep effects at local, national, and international levels.
  • to enhance media literacy skills of youth
  • to improve design thinking, creativity, adaptability, resilience, and even empathy.
  • to develop communication, teamwork, digital literacy, analysis, and research skills.
  • to create innovative ideas, questioning, and problem-solving skills.


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TPM1 in Montijo, Portugal



LTT1 in Sarkoy, Turkey: click here


TPM2 in Warsaw, Poland


LTT2 in Sarajevo, Bosnia


TPM3 in Vilnius, Lithuania


TPM4 in Montijo, Portugal