Creativity for Social Inclusion (2021-2-CZ01-KA220-YOU-000050810)


  • Asociacija IVAIGO, Lithuania
  • Srdcová sedma z.s., Czech Republic (applicant)
  • Tum Engelliler Kultur Sanat Dayanisma ve Spor Dernegi, Turkey
  • Drustvo Bodi svetloba, Slovenia
  • Asociatia Window Romania, Romania


The main aim is to promote social inclusion between disabled people and especially the ones who think that disabled people are less capable of doing things.



  • Eliminating the belief that people with disabilities are unhealthy or less capable of doing things.
  • Telling the real-life stories about the capability of doing something unexpected by disabled people.
  • Supporting disabled young people and providing social inclusion through creative arts & creative mediums.
  • Assisting in overcoming inner prejudices and stereotypes related to disabled people with different backgrounds and finding the ways of their adaptation to the youth environment.
  • Using creativity as a positive mechanism for promoting and fostering social inclusion/cohesion.
  • Modifying items, procedures, or systems to enable a person with a disability to use them to the maximum extent possible (reasonable accommodations).
  • Proposing sustainable youth work solutions and equipping participants with new competencies.
  • Making products, communications, and the physical environment more usable by as many people as possible (universal design).
  • Promoting fair treatment for disabled people (nondiscrimination).
  • Teaching skills (crafts, graffiti, dance, theatre. etc) and creating an event (exhibition, performance, etc.)


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TPM1 in Vilnius, Lithuania


LTT1 in Bursa, Turkey: click here


TPM2 in Ljubljana, Slovenia


LTT2 in Prague, Czech Republic: click here


TPM3 in Istanbul, Turkey


LTT3 in Craiova, Romania: click here


TPM4 in Vilnius, Lithuania